Greetings fellow readers. My name is Samuel Martinez. I´m from the sunny island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. I finished my degree in Marketing and MBA in Management and have been living and working in PR during my whole life. My previous work was in Marketing for a multinational pharmaceutical company (Johnson & Johnson.)

Everything was great, but I felt I needed a change in environment and lifestyle. Kind of when you feel something is missing and that you are meant for something else. With that in mind, last year (2016), I decided to join the Language Assistant and Cultural Ambassador program and teach English in Spain. So during this 2016-2017 school year I am currently teaching English on a high school (Instituto as they are called here in Spain.) And let me tell you, so far it has been a great experience and I can say I love it and may have possibly found a new career devotion.

I created this blog in order to share my experiences as an Auxiliar and also to provide teaching tools and resources that I have prepared and discussed in class with my students and share them with my fellow readers. If you are currently an Auxiliar you can have access to my resources and use them in your classes. Or, if you are currently thinking of a change in your life and would like to join the Auxiliar program in Spain hopefully my experiences inspire you and give you that extra edge reassuring yourself that this is something that you can and want to do in this current state in your life. So tag along, learn and have fun. This could also be your future career…who knows!!
God Bless you,

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