Halloween Activity

Hello once again. During the month of October as it happens in the USA, the topic for decorations and activities in Spain all revolve around Halloween. You will see stores decorated with Halloween items, publicity based on Halloween, teacher plays and in school is no different. Art classes prepare stuff for Halloween and the classrooms as well feature themed decorations.

Being this the topic for the month, once the date is getting close, let’s say on the week of Halloween day teachers ask us to prepare a presentation and activity showing the customs and traditions on Halloween is celebrated back home.

For this I prepared a presentation showing the origins, background, history, traditions and how it has evolved to current times celebrations.


Halloween began two thousand years ago in Ireland, England, and Northern France with the ancient religion of the Celts (Paganism).


They celebrated their New Year on November 1st. This day marked the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death.


On the night of October 31, they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.


Origins of Costumes

People thought that they would encounter ghosts if they left their homes. So, they wore costumes so that ghosts could not recognize them.


History and Change of date

In 834, Pope Gregory III moved All Saint’s Day from May 13th  to Nov. 1st. Oct. 31st thus became All Hallows’ Eve (‘hallow’ means ‘saint’).

Trick or treating

Trick or treating began with the poor on the 15th century. During the All Souls Day festival in England, poor people would beg for “soul cakes,” made out of square pieces of bread with currants. Families would give soul cakes in return for a promise to pray for the family’s relatives. The practice, which was referred to as “going a-souling” was eventually taken up by children who would visit the houses in their neighborhood and be given ale, food, and money.

Halloween Today

Children still go from house-to-house, but instead of ale, food, and money, they get candy. “TRICK OR TREAT”

Jack o’ Lantern Tradition

The Irish used to carry turnips with candles in them to light their way at night and to scare away ghosts.


But, when they arrived in America they found that pumpkins were both plentiful and easier to carve than turnips.


But people now have recently started carving less traditional Jack-O-Lanterns.


And going to Halloween themed parties


And taking children out for trick or treating and of course eating lots and lots of candy


And in some cases, if you don’t have candy for a “trick or treater” your house could be filled up with toilet paper.


Halloween Activity Games in Class

Once you have explained the history and origins of Halloween you can shake things up by doing some Halloween themed games with your class. Here is a list of 3 fun and easy games that you can do with your students in class:

Spider Relay

Divide children into teams. Set up a course for them to race on. Have first child of each team sit down, put their arms behind them and walk (AKA crab walk) to the end of the course and back. Tag the next child and repeat until all the teams finish.

  • Toilet paper on a roll
  • Adult helper 
  • Chair

If you desire to make this a relay, then you will need a roll of toilet paper for each team, an adult, and a chair. Each child takes turn wrapping up the adult as a mummy. Don’t forget to unwrap them!

Here is a link that explains step by step how to do this game


Spider Web

  • Ball of black yarn

Children stand in a circle. A ball of yarn is thrown across to another child. The child holds on to a piece of the yarn and then throws the ball across to another child. Continue until a spider web is created.

 Spider Races

  • Use a milkshake straw and plastic spider rings to see who can blow their spider to the finish line first.

Here is a link that explains step by step how to do this game


Halloween Power Point Presentation

Here you can find the Powerpoint that I shared with my students:


Hope you like this interesting way to share and explain the Halloween tradition to your students. As always, feel free to use this materials on your classes. Subscribe for more details and let me know if you have other fun interesting ides to share about this topic on contact me below.

Thanks and God bless,


© Samuel Enrique Martinez Fuster


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