Conditional Sentences Game

If you are teaching and talking to your students about conditional sentences there are numerous activities you can work with them in order to make it more interesting and interactive. In my case, I did a game session in class which consisted of 2 different games dividing the class into two groups.

Game #1

For this game you need to use some kind of small ball (small basketball, soccer ball or footbal…but try that the ball is small). The instructions are the following:

  • The purpose of the game is for students to start a conditional phrase and end the whole sentence using conditionals.
  • The group must be placed in a circle.
  • The ball must be tossed to a random student, he or she must begin a sentence using a conditional phrase. Each student has 5 seconds to come up with the beginning of the sentence. If they can’t come up with a sentence in 5 seconds they are eliminated.
  • Once the student initialize the sentence, he or she must toss the ball to another random student and that student must end the sentence following the conditional phrase. They will also have 5 seconds to finish the sentence otherwise they will be eliminated.
  • Its kind of hot potato game but with the purpose of practicing conditionals.

I have a video of my students playing the game. You can find the video here:

Game #2

For the second game you need to use some Post-It notes. In them you will write some description of different situations or things. Please come prepared with your post it notes already filled out. The instructions of the game are the following:

  • Divide your students into pairs
  • Tell them that this post it notes have sentences which describe a situation or a thing.
  • One of the students will have the post it note behind their back without them seeing what it is
  • The other student will see what his partner has in the back and must use conditional sentences to (kind of describe) what is the situation or thing his partner has on the post it note in his back, but without telling the actual sentence.
  • His partner must then follow the clues said by the other student and guess what is the sentence or phrase locates in the post it note on his back.

Both games where very interactive and students had fun while still learning and putting into practice the use of conditional sentences. This is also another idea you can implement in your class to maintain or increase the level of engagement of your students with the lessons and topics discussed class.

Here are some learning sheets that can be used on your conditional lessons class. They offer very simple explanations and can be used as a tool to help while you explain the topic to your class.

cond 1immagine-per-2-conditional-500x375



Hope you liked it and it’s useful for your classes. As always, subscribe to my blog if you liked this idea and for additional resources. Feel free to take this activity and use it with your students. If you have any other games that you would like to share with me, please comment below or send me an email with your ideas.

Thanks and God bless,


© Samuel Enrique Martinez Fuster



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