ESL Game Activity Lesson

Hello once again.

Today I’m sharing a nice idea that can be used on class. Let’s say you have one of those days in which you want to have game session with your students. 3 great and fun ideas are to play with them charades, the “leap of faith trust game” and the human knot game. My students absolutely loved it.


The game is as follows:

The objective of the game is to have some sort of competition with your class in order to encourage them to speak and use words in english.

What is needed to play?

  • Players: Six and more players
  • The Aim: To guess words or phrases correctly before time runs out by observing the acts of one of your team members.
  • Need: Charade cards, timer, scorecard


  • Divide your class into two groups.
  • Explain the instructions and mention that the game can only be played in English
  • There are a set of images which includes a word.
  • Each team must choose a player for each round in which will see an image with a word.
  • They must perform a simple act to describe the image or word and their teammates must use the mimics in order to identify the image being described.
  • It is not allowed to describe the image using words or speaking. Only the team in turn trying to identify the word are the ones who can speak and only in english.
  • Each round last 1 minute.
  • If the student can’t act the word he can choose to pass the word.
  • Once the round is finished, then is the others team chance to play.
  • At the end, count each team points to decide a winner

Here is a web page link which explains the game in a more detailed manner:

Here you can find the sheets used for the charades game:

You just need to print them and cut them put into small cards and use them to play with your class:



charades-cards-kids-animals (1)charades-cards-kids-animalscharades-cards-kids-emotioncharades-cards-kids-fun-foodwater-charade-cards-about-waterwater-charade-cards-actions

Here is a video of my students playing charades:

Leap of Faith Game

The objective of this game is to encourage students to trust each other and develop team work skills.

How to play and whats needed?

Basically you don’t need any materials or preparation for this game. You just need to choose some volunteers for this game. Don’t tell them what is the game about just yet. This way you will get more participants and they won’t be scared to participate. Trust me its a lot of fun and perfectly safe. Now that you have at least 4 volunteers you can proceed to explain the game to your class.


Each volunteer must stand on the teacher’s desk when their turn is due. Always take all the necessary precautions for the safety of your student. The rest of the class has to form 2 lines facing each other. This way they can prepare a “safety net” for the student to fall in. Always try to place the strongest students first in the line, since they will be the ones receiving the impact from the student who’s going to perform the leap of faith.

The safety net is made by students wrapping their arms with each partner they have in front of them in the line. All of them will create a net using their hands and arms. This way they will work in teams as they will prepare the safety landing for their fellow student. You will see that they all start discussing amongst themselves different strategies and this will encourage team work and english speaking skills.

Once the safety net is prepared, have your volunteer close their eyes and face backwards. When ready he must plunge backwards placing his trust on his fellow students that he will be catched. This way, they can practice trust between each other.

Now have the other volunteers participate in the leap of faith.

The human knot game

This other game, also will develop team work skills, strategy and speaking skills.


  • Have your students form a circle.
  • Explain the rules and objective of the game to them
  • They must come closer and each student has to extend both their hands to the front
  • With their hands extended, they must reach to the student they have in front and tie one of their hand with the other students hand and arm.
  • The rest will do the same until they are all tied up into some kind of knot
  • Students must select a team leader in who will provide the best strategy in order to untie the knot
  • Students can’t loosen up their tied arms they must find a way to untie the knot without letting go.

Once again, I hope this games and activity ideas are useful for your class. My experiences with them in class where great. My students loved them. Kids always love games and classes which are not always focused on text etc but that are more oriented towards having fun. With this games or any other of your choosing, kids can have fun while they are learning.

If you see anything you like, feel free to download and use any of this materials for your classes. As always, you can subscribe to my blog for this and additional ESL & Auxiliares class resources. If you have any comments you can write them down below. And if you have any resource or material you would like to share with me, feel free to send me an email to the contact below. God bless,


© Samuel Enrique Martinez Fuster


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