Greetings readers. This post will be oriented towards my final project as an English Auxiliar for the IES San Isidro on the school term of 2016-2017. The project will be implemented with students from 1 ESO level. In specific there will be 2, 1 ESO groups: D and C, which are part of the bilingual program of the school.

My project will be to lead, develop and implement a workshop for 1 ESO class to be held on the June 14th, the last day of the school term. The school allowed me to choose any topic for my workshop, so I was free to choose whichever I prefered.

My workshop will be related with sports activities. The theme of the workshop is a similar to what we call in the USA a “Field Day” or a “Sports Day.” So for my Final Project, we will be having a full day of Sports Competitions between two 1 ESO groups.

Event Objectives:

  • Leadership skills as each team must choose a team captain
  • Teamwork skills – each team most work as group to successfully complete the activity
  • Speaking skills – all conversation will be held only in English
  • Create a competitive environment focused on teamwork and fun
  • Use a variety of physical and mental skills as they participate.
  • Reward group for school year effort
  • Have fun

Event Methodology:

Both groups will be divided into three teams of 20 students. During the day we will have three periods of 1.45hrs in which each team will participate in various sports related activities, games and challenges. Each team will have 1.45hr to compete in all the challenges of the “Sports Day Workshop.” Also, each team must complete all the challenges and all students within each team must participate in different categories.

The events will be held in the school patio. The activity will be led by me with supervision and assistance from the Physical Educations Professor. Both of us will be responsible for the supervision, order, safety, administration of the games and finally judging and awarding points per event for each team.

At the end of the competition there will be an award ceremony to be held in the school gym in which all three participating teams will be present. On the ceremony the winning team will be announced and the prizes for the winning team will be handed out. The ceremony will have music and snacks for students to have fun and will serve as a small celebration for the closing of their school year and in reward for their effort throughout the school year.

For the development and implementation of the Sports Competition Workshop for my Final Project I will add below all the documents related to the creation of the project which will include:

  1. Research and planning document
  2. Lesson Plan
    • Objective
    • Event description
    • Instructions
    • Description of sports challenges
    • Photo example of sports challenges
  3. Power Point presentation shared with students
  4. Activity Schedule – for sports event day
  5. Participants document – participating students list per event per team

Below please find the documents used for my Final Project:

Sports Workshop Presentation

Lesson Plan

Field Day Plan and Timeline

Activity Day Schedule

Participants List

As always, feel free to use all the materials and resources found on this project or on any other of my activities with the purpose of using them as ideas or activities for your classes. If you have any questions I can be contacted on the form below.

Have a nice day and God Bless you.


© Samuel Enrique Martinez Fuster