As I was growing up all through my academic years I always said what would I do if I was a teacher? How would I be with students? How would I behave? Will they like me? Will I try my best to make them feel comfortable with my classes? This questions have always been in my mind all throughout my “school years” even through college. I think everyone whether they are in the profession of education/teaching etc or not has had that questions in their head of how would they behave if they were the teacher instead of the student.

Going back to the times of being a student, one does not remember all the teachers they had. One does remember those who really made an impact in their life during an exact moment as a student. Remembering my time as a student I can recall some of my teachers and I still remember their names and how they treated us students and how they treated me.

With that in mind, I started my experience as an Auxiliar, without having a full previous experience in teaching, I remembered that those teachers that really make an impact in a students life will be those who will be remembered and endure with the students the rest of their lives.

My teaching philosophy is very simple, put education first always but never forget that you once were one of them. Remember those teachers that made an impact in your life, do your best to make the students feel that you are one of them that you are part of them. Yes establish that you are the teacher, that there are some boundaries and that you have certain authority in class, but don’t set that boundary to far as to loose their interest in you. The most important part of teaching is not only the material you expose, whether they learn it or not, the most important part is your interaction with the students, remember you are influencing their life. How much they can engage with you, how much can they feel they can relate with you and you with them. Find that specific things that makes that bond and engagement and trust me they will love the time they spent with you, they will be inspired and thus, teaching will come out of ease and they will learn because they understand that you are one of them.

God Bless you,

© Samuel Enrique Martinez Fuster